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Short Review: What/If (Series)

"What/ If" is a series on Netflix that likes to borrow elements from thriller. The cast does a fantastic job with their roles with Renee Zellweger as Anne Montgomery the woman with a dark past (duh- rich people can never be happy in series), mystery present, and a 'she doesn't really care about' future. The voice, the face, the mannerism all work to bring an eerie feeling to Anne which shouldn't work but I think everything is best said with contrasts aka cute, little, soft girls in horror movies. This makes her memorable as does her relationship with her "servant/ bodyguard"- well meaning and soft, Foster played by Louis Herthum.

Plus Jane Levy as Lisa Donovan was also a clear stands out. The others are cool cast members but they are more supporting then anything else. But they are all likable even if you are suspicious with one of them. There is a lot of character development some seeming to be more subtle (Lisa) than others. A fun series with a few twists and it does keep you on edge as you watch. Especial when they do not tell you exactly what happened between Anne and Sean (did they, didn't they) and what the deal is with Anne. I suggest give it a watch and it is a 9/ 10.

By the way, season 2 is said to be in works and that the series is going to be an anthology which works with the title... 'What if a rich woman wants your husband for only one night' as was the case for season 1 and I can't wait to see the next 'what if'.

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