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Writing Club Thing(y)


     Hello Everyone, writers on the board, lovers of the pen and seekers of stories.

Welcome to the Writing Club Thing(y) Page. The Writing Club Thing(y) is just a space at a place (either online or offline) for the people who like to write or would be interested in writing... to write.

This is a page for writers (old, new, experienced, amateur, or thinking as such) to post their written stuff and hopefully get constructive criticism feedback for it from other members on the page. Or even give constructive criticism to other people on the page. 

You can use any style, formate that you like to write in- such as short stories, scripts, articles, poems, songs, etc. And in any genre. However, there will be prompts if you just need a jumpstart or a chance to experiment.

You can add stories in the comments or share a Google Doc link that people can edit.

This is the first time I am hosting something like this online so please be kind and give constructive criticisms. All your stories, notes, etc. that you write and add to the page belong to you. Only post your original work. 


Thank you and sweet writings.


Day After Covid-19

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