A collection of short films and other videos created/ worked on by BGF. As well as "Detective Watson: The Case of The Sisters" a mini-web series made in South Africa (before BGF). And BAA Bel Art Attractions (weekly uploads), plus, 1 Min Films (weekly uploads too)

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Hello Everyone welcome BAA (Bel Art Attractions) and Belgrade Art New, Powered by Blue Gloves Features and Belgrade Art Show, is a news show that wants to promote art events happening in Belgrade, Serbia.

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Projects that BGF has worked on for, and with other people.

Belhopice 2015. Edited and Filmed by BGF

Detective Watson: The Case of The Sisters (2013)


A low/non-budget film noir short web series made in South Africa told from the point of view of Jimmy Olsen the intern of Detective Watson as they try to solve the mysterious and magical case of the Adler sisters, where not all is as it seems.