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Work in Progress Part 3 [1MinFilms] (4K)

Hello all, so here is another addition of a minute of the short film we did a few years back. It was made under the theme of the 48 hours challenge. This is a work in progress since we could not edit it in time, and it was only for fun so there was less pressure. More to come, hopefully, a minute at a time :) and the sound still needs work :/ 

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BGF offers directing (film and theatre), writing (scripts, SEO content, and short film reviews), editing, and general production work in film or theatre.


If you are interested in BGF's skills or what to work with them or want them to work with you, please send a message. Plus, if you would like BGF to review your short film please send a message with a link and we shall take a look and give honest, constructive feedback that maaaaaay help you in the long run or even the short haul.


Blue Gloves Features (BGF) is a small independent production company run by one person (hi) who has a focus on making short films, theatre productions, YouTube videos, scripts, film posters and whatever BGF can do for the indie entertainment world. 

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