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FEST 2020- Quick Reviews

A couple of weeks back I caught a few films at FEST 2020 that I would like to mention. But, I will not go into full detail/ review mode since I would like to watch them again (if I can) and then give a more detailed review. But, for now here are my first thoughts that I can remember (spoiler-free as much as I can):

Vivarium- 8/ 10 (dark humour with a mix of surreal sci-fi, brilliant acting from the three leads, a twist worth waiting for where the beginning makes so much more sense, the relationship between the couple was realistic and I felt for them and got why they did certain thing that they did and why their behaviour changed at certain times)

Late Night- 7/ 10 (so glad I didn't see the trailer for this one. It is funny, well-acted, the first time a well-known face stood out in a crowd shot without me getting hit over the head of her importance, characters are relatable both the 'new girl' and the 'established one', but the ending (which was happy) was pushing just over the line of toooo happy- like just forcing it)

Moffie- 7/ 10 (although I could be a biiiit biased but it was great to hear South Africa/ Afrikaans accent, well-acted, good use of non-talking moments, character growth not only from the lead but supporting characters as well, tells a story that is not as common for South African dramas (aka not as focused on race, it is hinted at but not the story), was realistic but not as bloody as one would get from war type films since the focus was the long internal struggle of the lead but a war type film I would watch again)

JoJo Rabbit- 9/ 10 (Brilliant, funny, the audience gasped at a certain heart-ranching moment that took me a bit to register then I gasped too, shows the growth of a child to a more open-minded one, kind of through his point of view of the war and world, hence the over the top/ somewhat cartoony characters, and that the adult drawings look as if they were done by a child.)

Painted Bird- 6/ 10 (very sad and I hated a lot of the adults who took advantage and abused the lead. Was well made, shot and acted, but it was too long. It is a sad movie and the lead only smiled twice- I mean when something bad happens some people don't necessarily smile and laugh about it but smiling and laugh is more of a nervous twitch or a reaction to the irony of the situation- like stepping on a nail, removing it and then stepping on a spike- it was just one bad thing after the other and the good characters lasted too short that I couldn't take a break. Plus, it got to the point where I wanted the lead to die so that the movie would end. Sick I know, sorry.)

Glas (The Voice)- 5/ 10 (acting was good for what it was but the whole film didn't make me question my faith but other people's interpretation of their faith. Adults were one dimension where they just went after the lead whenever and targetted him.)

Richard Jewel- 6. 5/ 10 (well directed and acted, the script was interesting in that it was all about how coincidences can look suspense. You know what happened so the story is not so much of 'what happened' but why is the lead being targetted, and that is explained by the end with a simple and effective answer that I would relate to (and think given the circumstances). Characters are relatable and change happens to most of them. Use of sound was too 'pulling me to feel a certain way' which I felt (ironically?) was unnecessary and too oblivious that it broke my suspension of disbelief and took me out of the film)

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