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Last Kids on Earth, Book 1- Review

Directed By Will Lau

Written By Max Brallier and Scott Peterson

Based on "The Last Kids on Earth" By Max Brallier

Starting Nick Wolfhard; Charles Demers; Montse Hernandez; and Garland Whitt

A new cartoon on Netflix about the zombie apocalypse... but with preteens... and rather funny.

The show is well animated with a few nods to gaming since the main character-Jack, is a gamer and that is how he deals with the zombified world he randomly found himself in while on the bus ride to school. He aims to complete quests, get "badges" and survive as well as document the monsters that came into his suburb. His main task is to rescue June (his crush) who never needed to be rescued and actually ends up saving him. His foster family left him behind but luckily he finds his best, and super-duper smart friend, Quint and he teams up with his bully turned 'there is more to him'- Dirk.

It is only the first episode but it is interesting and a lot of questions arise such as: how, what, why, and now? Is there more people out there? Is there other areas zombified out there? Will parents come back? Are there more cute monster dogs? Is there a cure?

However, the main draw is the details of the animation and that it is smooth and can be quite fast at times. As well as the characters (June and Dirk) are not as they seem according to Jack's (fairly narrow) point of view. And another cool thing is that each zombie has something a bit different about them such as looking like their human-counters and I really liked that the teachers turned zombies were holding coffee cups in their hand while walking around and attacking.

A good start to what seems to be a light, fun, show that can get kids interested, but not get on parents nerves (well, I think so). And it may even get kids into reading the books.

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