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Bigby is Coming Back- The Wolf Among Us 2 (My 2 Cents)

Telltale is back. While a new season of "The Wolf Among Us" (based on Bill Willingham's comic book series "Fables") is said to be in development and with a trailer having been recently released, it does seem that the beloved video game software developer that took the episodic storytelling format on a wild, and emotional night on the town is back.

Telltale closed its door in 2018 letting go of a large number of employees many without pay. But now they are coming back thanz to LCG Entertainment who brought the company's assets and AdHoc Studio which was created by former Telltale employees, some have worked on the original "Wolf". What I gather from this is that they could have the look and the talent that made the first season of "Wolf" such a beloved, and remembered hit. But not too much is given at this time.

While there are articles about passed employees being asked to come back to work on the new season on a contract or part-time basis with the hopes of full-time employment in the future may rub people the wrong way (deep inhale); I think it is a good thing. It is a start. The company did recently go under and it will take a bit until they are at the level that they once were. There could be a chance, hopefully not, that it may not work out since they have to start from the bottom. Hiring people that worked with them before on a freelance basis could be a way to save money, BUT it may also be a way to prove that this time the company will be different. A part-time contract is shorter and if the employee is unhappy they can opt-out sooner. Basically, while the players are excited for the return of Bigby and the gang and passed workers may still be on their toes from what happened before.

While Telltale does have "Wolf" and "Batman" on their side which does give them a boost they still need to prove their worth to the people working for them. Not so much to the players but definitely the people behind them. Without the employees, the fans won't come since there would be nothing to come to, nothing to buy. So while I am excited to revisit Fabletown (download the original game for free until the 19 December 2019) and to see where the story goes but I am only a player. I do hope they work out and learn from their past mistakes. I am glad that some past employees are joining, I just hope they can stay for longer.

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