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FEST: "His Master's Voice"

"His Master's Voice" is a sci-fi film based on a novel about a man, Peter (Csaba Polgar) in his 30s who travels to America from Europe with his girlfriend (Diana Kiss) to search for his biological father (Eric Peterson). He has a differently ability brother (Adam Fekete) back home that he speaks to basically everyday on Skype as well as send videos in a vlog style while he is explore his father's past work in the field of science and aliens. There is a also a connection to the random deaths of random people who dead in weird ways. There are man conspiracies theories floating around with some man (Angelo Tsarouchas) making his living following it (as well as most likely other theories)

The film was well shot and the actors were better when they were performing in their native tongues. When they spoke English (which was done well to the point it could be their second language) their acting seems to have dropped and it was not as convincing compared to them speaking Hungarian. The acting overall was realistic such as the relationship between the father and Peter where you could see the Pa's sadness at living his first family behind but the joy of having his first born with him. The Papa was a good man who only wanted to work. And it was a good casting choice to have Marshall Williams playing the son from the newer family because he and Polgar kind of look related to each other. Not sure if it was done on purpose but a nice touch. The relationship between Peter and his real brother was done well and they had a good chemistry even if they were not in the same country.

Some of the effects were good such as the part when Peter saw the giant, walking god-like man in his dream or when he is looking at a photograph and the camera goes in and behind the people in the frame. And when we first see the father his face is like the photos (cut out). However, there was an effect at the end where he was walking away and the background turned to white. He looked like a gif but the way he walked it was obvious to see where the gif started and ended which I was not a fan of.

There was a moment when Peter is interviewing his Dad and the sound quality was lower as if they took the sound from the camera that Peter was using which I thought was a good detail since it made sense and was realistic. And they made the camera quality lower when Peter was watching very old videos of his father during his father's court case. Overall this would probably be a good movie for dramatic sci-fi wince it has elements of sci-fi but does not go fully into it. Everything takes place on Earth with very few scenes in space. Not really my cup of tea although it may have had good moments.

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