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"Last Day on Earth: Survival" (Game Review- Android)

Zombies. They used to a big thing back in the years and now not so much. But they still seem to be taking over the model games stores and "Last Day on Earth: Survival" Beta v 1.12.1 is tops (but a lot can be improved). It is a survival game where you pick from male in underwear or female in underwear (this choice is important since you will see them often cloth-less than not) and live in an area with zombies. The image that you see while the game loads is incredible and has so much detail in it. I work of art, but there is no title and where and I am not too sure where it would even fit well. Maybe before the super, wicked image?

You do want is the normal with savaging, building, killing etc. But the more you play the more events have the chances of happening where you could find the more difficult to find items. The game also spices things up where random characters can appear on your land asking for help or raiders come demanding your food. These guys suck since they stopped me from getting loot at an event. And you can hunt animals for their fur (to make leather to make strong clothes to last longer against the undead) and meat to eat (but mostly to feed the puppies).

It is a online. multiplayer world with fantastic graphics. But as with any games like this other player are hunger for your blood (actually just your stuff... but still). And the lag (I know it sound mockingly cliche) but it can be a really problem since you can't escape while you are getting killed.

Another thing I want to point out (as advice) is fetch your stuff first before you do anything else in case you die again. You see the game re-spawns you at home and you have to go back to the place where you dead to get your stuff back. The game lets you visit your dead body (in that area) in order to try get your stuff back. But if you die before you empty your previous body than that new dead body is the only one that is in that place. So you will lose all your stuff if you do not get it. Happened to me. You are able to upgrade your house and store stuff there but you need stuff to make stuff and losing stuff is... not grand. Plus, you have 24 hours to upgrade your house before a horde crashes through it. ANother reason you don't want to lose stuff.

You can also run into different types of zombies with different names. Some are skinny that you can go hand-to-hand with and a few are massive, fat zombies that have a higher health bar. One weeps louder which stuns you while another type tries to jump on you with their behind. While another types spits toxics at you which can hurt but it may make you stink which with attract more zombies and wolves. And peeing can make you stink so use before you go (if you have to-there is an icon when needed) and shower.

Areas like the motel, and garage get new stuff everyday and there is a timer to show you when the next shipment comes in. But you have to go through everything that you did before, same zombies, same tasks etc. However, you can memorize and be a touch quicker about it. Plus, some of the items are new (I recently got a whisky bottle).

And there is a witch that makes these gross land, oozying moles in the forest that zombies come out of. There were good raiders that told me to leave as they chased her out. This only happened once to me and it was freaky since I had no idea what was happening. That is the thing with this game it can throw stuff at you that you don't really expect.

The music is also quite nice and gives you the idea of being in that state of mind but not too much. If you are playing than you feel it but if you leave it in the background it can be quite pleasing.

Overall great game but has a long waiting time to refill energy so you can travel around. One energy takes 5 minutes (unless you find an energy drink or buy energy). Some of the events that appear can last for like 5 minutes so you would need to run (which takes energy) to get there. There are also places on the map that you cannot get to without transport which you'll have to build by finding rather difficult parts to find. On the plus side you can have puppies on your land.

You can do tasks which give you points which reward you certain items this can be a good way to get more free stuff. And there is a mystery box every hour with weapons inside but I think it is too fixed because it never ends up on a weapon and seems to just slowly go for the one carrot or the one screw. Can be helpful but guns would be better against a horde (just stick to the edge so you can run when health gets low). What could be better is the rewards from the mystery boxes, more random events and raiders (they keep things exciting) and making just a touch easier to find rare items, just a bit.

Overall a fun game but the free rewards could be a lot better.

Gameplay: 3.8/ 5 (lag is really an issue)

Graphics: 6/ 5

Music: 4/ 5

Characters (zombies etc.): 3.5/ 5

Story: 2.5/ 5 There seems to be something there with the witch in connection with the zombies

Rewards: 2.5/ 5

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