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Reviewing The Society (Series Review)

"The Society" is a series on Netflix that has season 2 coming out in 2020. It is about a school of teenagers who go on a trip, the trip gets washed out and they go back to what looks to their town but no one is there. After a while they see that no adults exist, they throw a few parties, but Cassandra (Rachel Keller) is told by her little sister Allie (Kathryn Newton) to take control and make a society so people don't die so quickly, run out of food and less 'lord of the flies'. However, two deaths happen almost straight after with a third on its tail. She tried.

The second death surprised me since I actually liked the know-it-all and freaking-out characteristics. I like most of the characters except Will (Jacques Colimon-an okay actor). I'll get to that. The relationships between characters are not too bad. The dialog could use a bit more work but then again they are all teenagers. Something you should remind yourself all the time of while watching since their reactions, interactions make more sense. The camera work is good, but I did feel as if the music was telling me too often how I should be feeling.

There is a dialog section where Sam (Sean Berdy) speaks about Campbell (Toby Wallace) which this video (spoiler warnings) sums it up will and after viewing the scene I agree with him. The scene would have been better (I think) is it was not so blunt, leave us figuring it out and connecting the dots, and coming to our own conclusions. Sam just didn't have to say one line and it would have worked so much better and still be clear.

Will is meant to be the likable, pity-him, good guy character but he... is... not... really. Well, we are told that he is but he would show signs that he is slightly arrogant (but not the level that we are used to like with Harry (Alex Fitzalan)). Allie has to take over the society and Will was one of the main forces pulling her arm to do. Even thought he should know that she will struggle with. But, what really got to me is that when you appoint someone as leader (like Will did) you do not make them run stuff by you, they do not have to discuss all their decisions with you. It would be good but you made them leader so what they say (good or bad) goes. Its is attitude that buggered it, if you go on the attack why would anyone discuss anything with you? If you did not want it that way why didn't you step up to be a leader? Its kinda like he wants to make the rules but take none of the responsibility. I felt.

And he is boring. Kelly (Kristine Froseth) and him have a thing going on but whenever they are on screen together it was dull. Kelly by herself is fine, her with other people is fine, her with Will- please hurry up. It was also beginning to happen with Allie but she stopped it, thankfully.

Other then that the characters make sense and I get where they are coming home. As I said they are teens so for one of them (Harry) to think that money can still protect him- makes senses since it is all that he knows and has. Elle (Olivia DeJonge) trying to make friends when she did not before and getting rejected also makes sense. She closed herself off that no-one knows how to react to her, but she tries and she makes a connection with Helena (Natasha Liu Bordizzo ). The screwed-up relationship between her and Campbell also makes sense in a twisted way. She was looking for a friend and found what she thought was a lover. But, she learns better and tries to get out. There is a change in her which is slight but interesting to watch.

And Kelly is quite cool but her growth is quicker when compared to Elle. Kelly was the 'cool kid' in school and when they all got trapped in the town (there is a dense forest surrounding them which make me ask where did like the five school buses go???) but she is not the stereotype of the 'cool kid' instead she always gives someone something that she knows they need.

So the characters are good, Allie also grows but it feels like a jump. A necessary jump. But one episodes she is one way and the next she is another. From what I remember.

The structure of the series is a bit odd. You get some episodes that are about their political situation, how to get home, where are they etc. which I really enjoyed and then the next episode boarded on teenage soapie which I found odd. Another thing that I noticed is that the side-plots are short lived. Like person gets murdered, murderer said he/ she is murderer, trial, jail, death- all in two episodes. It felt rushed and short like the writers were making it up as they go along or taking up time. The thanksgiving arc was a bit longer but not by much. The stories just felt rushed to me.

But anyway this series is fun, check it out, it a super-light sci-fi, urban, teens series with very good acting (even Will just wish the character did agitate me so much). Makes you ask questions like how can they die? Where are the school buses? What/ where/ how/ why- dog Charlie? So check out season one and get ready for season two.

PS. I tried to make this write up as spoiler free as possible.

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