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Shout Out: Cuestar

'Howdy, heck and hello H2Hoes, Rollabros and [insert name here]' is the greeting the you would usually get when you click on his reddit commentary YouTuber gong by the name Cuestar. A man with a very pleasing voice (to be fair when I first heard him I though he was someone else) who has good energy and really enjoys what he does. He finds subreddits, reads them out in the best voice acting he can master and makes comments usually giving advice. As a 'recovering nice guy (TM)' he can go into the inner works of young, obsessive, love, while still keeping it objective. He releases videos often, one everyday and covering many topics that catch his eyes and tries to keep them as new and interesting as possible. However, the main draw (beside his voice) is that he gives shout-out to his viewers and he takes stories from them as well as does streams. A young one since 2018 but he has really found his style and YouTubeness and I hope he still grows and develops.

But check him out if you looking for stories, some with voices, a lot with suggestions and advice. Oh, and a highlight for his channel are his views on MLMs in his AntiMLMs series.

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