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Shout Out: Society of Virtue

Something I came across recently that I wanted to mention is: "Society of Virtue". It is a YouTube channel that create parodies of well-known, and not as well-known comic book characters or combines two characters to make one parody character aka Big Bang who seems to be a mixture of Superman and Dr. Strange. All the characters have link to their DC/Marvel etc. characters but they have become so unique that they can stand by themselves and more importantly you can watch them without knowing anything (but knowing something can be a slight plus).

The episodes show how characters reacting to real life situations in this super hero world. Such as the Archer missing his saving shot or Miss Virtue having an awkward interaction while saving someone by the exact person she is saving because of his ideas on "SJW". Stuff like that where the videos more parody and comment on some real life aspects while showing love to comic books. Other videos just show the 'what if' reaction to super hero life aka having a body double, getting replaced, or Big Bang only pretending to feel pain to not feel left out, or villains stuck in a web, or the guy under the mask being ugly (and accepting it), or a drug addict thinking he is a superhero and the therapist trying to tell him otherwise, etc. The channel is only about 2 years old with a some videos ranging between 2-5 minutes and a new video every Friday. They also do other parodies like He-Man (sticking quite close to the original style of the cartoon) but the super heroes seem to their main focus. But the quality...

Is inspiring. They are able to bring a comic book feel to screen with the use of panel and what looks to be little animation (mouth or eyes movements on still images) with detailed illustration of the characters as well as backgrounds. There are even some drawn cameos of famous celebrities that have a role on in a few of the episodes (one of them looks to be Nicolas Cage and the other Tommy Lee Jones) The voice acting is pleasant and you get a right sense of the characters without them mocking their counterparts. Each episode has it only full story and there is not too often a series where parts are heavily linked to each other, there are links between characters and episodes but not so much that you have to start at the first episode to know what is going on. Plus, the thumbnails are cool since they look like theo cover of a comic.

However, the high light is the use of the camera angles, camera movement and just how they have the images move on screen. It is very stylish but does not look as if there is a lack of effort and really plays into the comic book aesthetic. This channel should definitely have more people viewing their works since it is awesome and actually quite funny in a witty kind of way. But check them out and maybe start with their latest video and jump around.

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