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Tune in But Stay Out (REVIEW: The Kirlian Frequency)

There is a small town, somewhere in some dimension called Kirlian where the night is strange, unsafe and weird and all the comfort you could get is from the radio host of "The Kirlian Frequency"simply known as The Host. This is an animated webserie which came out in 2017 and was originally in Spanish but it managed to join the racks of Netflix with an English translation which I am glad on since I am more into dubs than subs (opps didn't mean to say that out loud).

"The Kirlian Frequency" takes place in a town that outsiders should not get to and if they do, they are not welcomed. There are strange and supernatural happenings at night (but no vampires) with different types of creatures such as werewolves, a few ghosts, and I suspect that The Host is a skeleton considering that his profile does not have a nose and at times you can see through his jaw when he speaks. There are 5 episodes, 4 in season 1 and 1 in season 2 (I guess since The Host has a costume change). Each episode is about 10 minutes long and covers a short story about people calling into the station and telling their tales of creepy experiences. These can be stand alone episodes but there are some links to which other, kind of like an anthropology of a small town where strange creatures live and stuff happens... at night.

This is a stylish show with a great use of colour. The characters are black silhouettes with no mouths but their jaws move when with talks. Their eyes are bright but small and the backgrounds have a neon touch to them. The sound design is very good with the score sounding slightly unnatural at times.

There are quite a few quieter moments to let the creepy-ness creep in a bit more. The animation seems to be stilted but I like that and it adds to the uneasy-ness of the town. We do not know to much about The Host who is the lead expect that he was an awesome base of a voice and he seems to be connected to the aura of the town more then he lets on. The voice acting over all is grand.

This is different in terms of styles and seems to be more aimed at anthropology lovers since there is only one character repeated (The Host). It is a fun, creepy ride, with my favourite episodes being the second one and the fifth one due to their twists. And episode 3 due to the theme of persistence. If you are looking for something short, different and on the creepy side check this one out.

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