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Looking Back: "Logan"

Logan” (2017) starting Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen (who did not annoying as a child actress so that was a grand start) . The final chapter in the story of the beloved character, Wolverine of X-men fame. Although Wolverine has been in a number of movies (including the newer ones with the different cast) he was my favourite X-men from my youth in the 90s (seriously, I’m not being a ‘hipster’) because of the Animated TV show (more so than the comics, to be honest). 


The final movie was great and very well done and hit me hard with its ending. And that is what I want to talk about. So this is not a review, it is my brief thoughts on “Logan” and why I am still in (kind of) mourning.


Logan and Charles die. This is effective because a lot of people grew up with these characters either through the movies, comics, TV shows etc. so it hit home for a lot of people seeing their (potential, influential) favourite childhood character dying. But, I think what hit it the most is that we did not truly expect Logan to die. He has a strong healing factor, aluminium bones and is therefore seen as being indestructible. He does pass on but not because of the wooden spike that goes through his body (I’m sure he had plenty of those and he just, literal, walked it off) at the end but because his body was ageing and slowing down. The healing factor is not as fast as it was hence the scars and the slowness of his movement. He also has a disease (I think cancer) floating in this body which his body can’t seem to handle being a mutant and all.

“Logan” brings to light the idea of mortality and this is the thought that had stayed with me. And the movie makes a bigger impact by making the character more ‘human’ and less ‘hero’ by stepping away from action (there are some action fight scenes but not as much as the previous movies) and going more towards the genre of adventure (like a western feel). As they are trying to discover “Eden” we are discovering them as people. I mean the film is called “Logan” instead of “Wolverine” for a reason to make a more human connection and stand away from the idea of the world famous hero, Wolverine by looking at the character of Logan.

“Logan” is a great send off and could open a new chapter with Laura/X23 and a fantastic movie because it is so different from the ones before it. The director (James Mangold, who also wrote the story) said he wanted it to be more ‘real’ (I think) and it shows and that is why it is a hard hit. Take away the claws and the mutants and you still have a great movie about a man saving a girl’s life.

You will be missed Logan/ Wolverine.

Hey at least we still have the shows and comics…right? I mean he is not gone forever…right? #movies #marvel #logan #reviews #hughjackman #comicbookmovies #differentcomicbookmovies

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