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Throw Back: Lonely One (Game)

The “Lonely One: Hole-In-One” game is a free Android golf game that you can download on to your Android Tablet for free to play golf (wow I think I bumped up that word count).  The game is that you are one person playing golf but you only have one shot to get the ball in the hole.

The Good

It is a simple to use game where once you get the hang of it; it is easy to get a hole in one. When you get the ball directly into the hole without hitting the sides or letting it roll in; tiny gnomes hop out of the hole to do a little dance and get down in the game. These tiny creatures are cute and a pleasure to see on your screen.

The game play is that of dragging your finger across the screen and see how high, fast/ slow and how you need to hit the ball. There are two types of ways to play: One is you have three chances to clear the stage but if you get the ball directly in you get one chance back. This is where you can familiarize yourself with the game as well as earn money to buy characters. Plus if you pass level 10 but lose thereafter, and go to start over a witch comes to give you the opinion to start from level 10 but for a price. 

The second way to play is on the map where you need chances in order to play the stage. It costs four to five chances but these are used as more chances. This is where you win metals if you can reach the desired goal.

When you are playing you also get to unlock different characters (instead of buying them with game coins); have you ever wanted to play golf as Lady Gaga? Well, you can’t… but you can play as Lady Gogo (at least it is something) and some of the characters you can just buy but where is the achievement in that (plus I’m poor). Many of the characters come with their own background colours and the golf courses have a unique design to them.

The graphics are unique in that the backgrounds are coloured in well and the characters look simple and block like. But the character’s movements flow natural and they celebrate when they get a hole in one as well as look down when they run out of turns.

Plus it has three songs that play in the background.  Acoustics inspired songs they sound like to me.  The sound design is wonderful with the hit of the ball, the ‘pulp’ of the ball landing in water and the sound of the waterfalls (although it can drown out the music). When you hit the ball directly in you not only get award with the tiny gnomes but you have the sound of children cheering (which come to think of could be creepy but I find it sweet). When you run out of chances the children give out an ‘awww’ sound as your shoulders droop down.

The game as enough challenges with the wind speeds and designed courses that when you miss it is your fault and not bad game design.

The Bad

Can’t think of any.

And The Conclusion

This is an awesome gem of a game to pass the time and collect the characters. I would give it a 4/5 but like any game of golf it can become repetitive. However, “Lonely One” game has enough charm that it has not become a repeat to me… yet. So have a play, play and tell me what you think, think.

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