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Escape Logan Estate (Android Game Review)

"Escape Logan Estate" is not your typical point, and solve escape games. Plus, the title is a bit... a lot misleading since your characters aren't trapped. Otherwise, it is a little well-done gem with real characters (although, I would like to see the kids interact with their Dad a bit more) and a captivating story that is based in the real world so you have something to grab on to but has light fantasy elements to make you question your mind.

The story follow Luke and Sam as they stay with their Grandfather, Fred, who is their Dad's, Duncan, estranged father. Fred had a near-death experience and wishes to get to know his grand-kids but they are not allowed to snoop around his house. They do. And that is where the pointing and solving unfolds. I don't want to spoil it but I can say that the ending is a bit anti-climatic since I was hoping for more answers since there is a forest spirit animal??? That did freak me out.

The game-play does not allow you to explore as much as I would have liked since there are pictures on the walls that I wanted to take a closer look at. The style of the game is quite different to what I have seen before and there is a lot of details in the backgrounds especially in a box that Luke opens. These are personal items that the game tells you nothing about ad you can't zoom in but you can tell that this could be the telling of Fred's backstory and in a sense Duncan's as well.

The game is divided into three acts with three days in each where you play as Luke, Sam and Duncan trying to figure out what Fred is hiding (while playing as Luke), trying to protect a fox (playing as Sam), and trying to catch the fox (as Duncan). There are also two mini games that you play and you unlock a third after you finish the game. The puzzles are not too tricky but they are fun to do and once you know how to you can fly through (which does reduce replay value).

It is very climatic when you see the forest spirit animal in the distances at the forest and once through the window when you are looking at a clue. The music is smoothing with the sounds of nature really letting you feel as if you are in a massive cabin in the forest. However, the music and sounds are quite low so it is difficult to hear. Such as in the opening since Duncan and his wife, Helen (who does not get an act) were talking (all dialogue in the cut scenes and the game are in text) while there is a radio host speaking. I had to hold my tablet to my ear to hear.

The first act is for free to give you a taste and it, of course, leaves you on a cliffhanger. There is family, death, spirit animals in slightly creepy masks, calming natural-like music, delightful characters, mini-games all in this escape game that focuses more on the story than the puzzles. It was worth the price for the other two acts and it is fun to revisit and play attention to the little details. There is also a dream-like scene that makes you wonder if the character (Sam) is in a flashback. That was pretty awesome. This little gem gets:

5/5- Visuals

5/5- Game-play, although, the puzzles could be a bit more challenging but the game seems to focus more on story

4/5- Story, just wanted more

3 and half/5- Replay value

Check, check, check out act one for free at a Android tablet or phone near you.

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