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Throw Back- Magic Rampage (Game)

Mobile games are no longer “snake” like instead they can tell rather complex stories and lead you down an adventure of magic. I will review “Magic Rampage” for Android a platforming RPG with blood and violence. A simple game to get addicted to and try to become a ‘completionist’ in.

You play as a ‘solider’ (that is what the captain calls you) from an unknown land in the times of middle earth with magic and swords (awesome, who doesn’t want to be a sword swinging lunatic) that has to go rescue the king from an evil warlock who takes over the castle. You are introduced to the setting, plot, warlock at the beginning of the game and the after the title screen you can choose your class (ranger, thief etc.). Each class has a different percentage for sword attack power, armour and jump impulse (how high you can jump) you can customize your eye shape, eye colour and hands colour only (it is only a mobile game and its main emphasis in on the game play and exploring, yes in order to find all the secrets you have to explore, the secrets are usually hidden off screen at the top so having a high jump impulse is super useful or using the Jumpman suit, hint, hint).

It has smooth and quick responsive controls and you feel the weight of the character as you go through the dungeons collecting coins, killing zombies and collect weapons. You are also able to upgrade weapons and buy ones at the shop, each weapon has a different distance range (some items can fly further than others) and strength to them that can aid you in defeating different enemy types (spiders are the worst, zombies can be easily killed with an one time perfect head shoot). There are also different types of amours that you can change in and out of to get through different, harmful, areas e.g. a fire amour can protect you from getting burnt and a different air amour can help you walk on spiked without any pain. There are bonus levels that you can win and collecting three diamonds per a level will add more coins to your pocket. The ‘hero’ (you) meets two other characters to help on your quest and you get advice from a red eyed creepy door. There is no voice acting so I like to think he is creepy. The later texts from him gives the impression that you are not the ‘hero’ but the villain, I thought that occurred in my head while I was playing the game.

The graphics are 2D but the colours of the characters and environment stand out by making you feel a part of the travel. The characters are big eyed and cute but the blood of the kill is logically. Plus when you are not playing your ‘hero’ falls asleep. The sound design is good and adds to the sense of adventure but the music did go away after I dead and redid the same level.  

Overall a great game to get yourself wrapped up in and passes the time. It is free but a ton of effort and respect to both the players and the genre went into this little beaut. I suggest check it out although the characters that you meet and fight with on your run do not stop talking even for you are doing a second play through which I found a bit annoying (because I don’t have much patience).

I just really like the game.

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